Differential Equations (Udemy)

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Videos on a first course in differential equations. (1) Introduction Introduction Definitions and Terminology (Level 1) Definitions and Terminology (Level 2) Definitions and Terminology (Level 3) Definitions and Terminology (Level 4) Solutions (Level 1) Solutions (Level 2) Solutions (Level 3) Solutions (Level 4) Implicit Solutions (Level 1) Implicit Solutions (Level 2) Implicit Solutions (Level 3) […]

Differential Equations In Depth (Udemy)

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An in-depth course on differential equations, covering first/second order ODEs, PDEs and numerical methods, too! (1) Introduction to Differential Equations Course Introduction A Word on Notation Chain Rule Implicit Differentiation Let's Make a Differential Equation! Equation Order Verifying Solutions Direct Integration Separation of Variables Homogeneous Functions Homogeneous Equations Linear Equations Bernoulli's Equations Exact Equations Solving […]

A Complete First Course in Differential Equations (Udemy)

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A University Level Introductory Course in Differential Equations (1) Introduction to Differential Equations and their Applications Object falling under the force of gravity Object falling under the force of gravity and air resistance Motion of a mass on a spring RLC Circuits Motion of a simple pendulum More Differential Equation Models Defining and Classifying Differential […]

Laplace transform (Khan Academy)

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Transforms and the Laplace transform in particular. Convolution integrals. (1) Laplace transform Laplace transform 1 Laplace transform 2 L{sin(at)} – transform of sin(at) Part 2 of the transform of the sin(at) (2) Properties of the Laplace transform Laplace as linear operator and Laplace of derivatives Laplace transform of cos t and polynomials “Shifting” transform by […]

Second order linear equations (Khan Academy)

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Linear differential equations that contain second derivatives (1) Linear homogeneous equations 2nd order linear homogeneous differential equations 1 2nd order linear homogeneous differential equations 2 2nd order linear homogeneous differential equations 3 2nd order linear homogeneous differential equations 4 (2) Complex and repeated roots of characteristic equation Complex roots of the characteristic equations 1 Complex […]

First order differential equations (Khan Academy)

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Differential equations with only first derivatives. (1) Intro to differential equations Differential equation introduction Finding particular linear solution to differential equation Introduction to differential equations and initial value problems Creating a slope field Slope field to visualize solutions Differential equation from slope field Slope fields (2) Separable equations Separable differential equations introduction Particular solution to […]

Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is perhaps the best known free collection of online courses. The subjects span a great range of topics, including everything from math and science to art history. According to their about page: Our mission is to provide a free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere. A full list of the subjects they offer is […]